Haxton – Annoying responses to a poker pro (vid)

hooded poker player

PokerStars Team Pro Isaac Haxton yesterday put a blog post up on PokerStarsBlog in which he explains his one pet hate about being a poker player for a living. He says that on a daily basis he is asked questions about his chosen career path and while the questions themselves do not bother him, the responses he gets certainly do. 

“One of my least favorite things about being a professional poker player is having to deal with people who simply do not understand what being a professional poker player means. There are certain questions like “So, what do you do for a living?” and “Why did you move to Malta?”, seemingly casual questions that I hear on a very regular basis, that send a shiver of dread down my spine every time I hear them because I know that the response to my answer will almost never be “oh, cool” and a change of subject.

He then goes on to talk about the responses he gets when he answers those questions and actually manages to put them into four different categories. The categories are “Wide-eyed awe guy”, the “I know better guy”, the “I don’t get it guy” and the “I played poker once too guy”.

Read the whole post at PokerStarsBlog to see all of the responses he can get from the four types of people he has encountered, but we will share the last one with you.

“This guy hears the word poker and immediately needs to tell me all about his own experiences with the game, like how he goes on a cruise every year where they have poker and one time he won, and this other time he lost, and then there was this one time when he almost won but then he lost… Or there’s the guy who loves poker but has the WORST LUCK and has to tell me every single bad beat story he can remember… and he remembers them all. But my favorites out of this category are the conspiracy theorists, the guys who are certain that poker is rigged because they lost a hand once… and it was aces! The dealer was out to get him or the online poker sites are all a scam… it’s the only way it makes any sense! I mean, he had aces! How could he lose if it wasn’t all a giant conspiracy? That guy’s the best.

However, it seems that Haxton now has the perfect remedy for any other poker player that experiences the same responses. He claims that since his Team Online video was released last year, many players have told him that it has helped them to explain to other people why they play poker.

So he suggests you show this video to anyone that needs to learn to understand the reasons for being a professional poker player.