Haxton Replies To Negreanu On Poker Commentary

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And the debate rages on! It all stemmed from the much talked about comments by Joe Hachem in which he believes poker is dying due to the lack of passion and personalities in the game unlike many years ago. Daniel Negreanu put his point across via his own interview and defended the younger to some extent before agreeing that the game should be looking to have a fun side to rather than the all-serious approach that has been done recently.

You read the article yesterday in which Daniel Negreanu followed on with the recent debate by explaining that one way that poker will become more interesting to the masses is by having commentary that is not so technical and analytical.

However, fellow Team PokerStars Pro Isaac Haxton feels that analysis is actually important for the game within the commentary. He believes that die-hard fans of the game are interested in this side of the game as they can learn.







Unbeknown to him his favourite commentator was reading these tweets all along and they offered Haxton the chance to talk alongside him on his latest upcoming podcast.