HPT Daytona Beach Main Event – Denick Takes Title

AK clubs and chips

Yesterday saw the completion of another stop of the extremely popular Heartland Poker Tour, this time it was in the Daytona Beach Kennel Club. The event had been running since Monday and in all honestly the event was not expected to last too long on the final day as Jeremy Joseph managed to acquire around half of all of the chips that were in play.

He did in fact reach the heads up session against Andrew Denick, yet once there he didn’t have it as easy as he had been having throughout the tournament and he had met his match. That session went on for quite a while with the chips being swapped back and forth with each player getting lucky when they were about to be eliminated.

Eventually though, Denick managed to acquire each and every one of the chips in the tournament to successfully take down the title and the winners cheque of $138k, he had managed to successfully beat a strong field of 374 original starters.

The Final Table!

The short stack at the final table of six was Nick Schwarmann, who never managed to get going and was the first to go when he was eliminated by Jeremy Joseph when his A-Q was rather unfortunately beaten by his opponents A-8.

Next to go was Trevor Renner who pushed with a K-7 only to be picked off by Fletcher McKinney’s pocket tens.

The player to finish in fourth was Anne Amato when she too was eliminated by Joseph coming from behind. She held the A-5 against his K-J pre-flop yet the turn card brought a king for the lucky chip leader at the time.

This left just three players remaining, yet it took a long period of play before we were finally at that heads up session. When it came it was McKinney who fell in 3rd, which was one place better than he managed in the same event last year. A pre-flop shove with the Q-J saw Dennick call him with the A-9 and McKinney was unable to sufficiently improve and was out in third.

The rest as they say is history as Denick went on to win.

Other notable player’s to cash in the event was one of the 2012 WSOP Main Event final table players, who are due to play at the end of this month. Robert Salaburu nearly managed to have a practice final table appearance in front of the television cameras but fell just short in 8th place. There was also Darvin Moon and Harrison Gimbel putting in strong performances.

The Final Standings:

Andrew Denick – $138,187

Jeremy Joseph – $78,166

Fletcher McKinney – $50,250

Anne Amato – $43,271

Trevor Renner – $33,500

Nick Schwarmann – $27,247