Hellmuth Done By Q-10 From Levy Again (vid)

tilted poker player

We all remember this from the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event. Phil Hellmuth lost a large pot after making a set of eights only to find out that his opponent Adam Levy had made a straight with his Qc-10c.

This set Hellmuth off on one of his more famous tirades at the tables and included some of the most repeated quotes in the game today with the likes of “He called a raise with a Q 10 Honey.” and many more.


Well, would you believe that it happened again?

It may not have been the Main Event this time around but both players found themselves at the same table in the $1k Ante Only event that has proven very popular with players.

As fate played out, “Roothlus” would once again get involved in a hand against the “Poker Brat” with the Q-10 and send his opponent out of the event. This is how Pokernews reported the hand.

“Phil Hellmuth shipped it in on an 8d-9d-Jh-s5 board and was snapped off by Adam Levy holding Qs-10s”

“Hellmuth had 9d-7d and was done before the 9c river made it official.”
Of course Levy took to Twitter to explain how the hand went down and what Hellmuths’ response to it was.