Henry Lu Takes Charge Of The WPT Parx Open Poker Classic Day 1b

On Saturday, the World Open Tour Parx Open Classic continued with Day 2 b, with the £3,500 Main Event saw another healthy participation from professional poker players from all over the world.

On Friday there were 274 entrants and today there was a further 226 all aiming to make it through to the money. This meant a total of around 500 players so far, and seeing as this is the first ever WPT event at this casino…it meant whoever walks away with the win is the first ever champion here.

The winner will take home $416,127, and there will be plenty of the top pro’s aiming to do just that. So far it has been recorded that Andy Frankenburger, Matt Glantz, Joseph Cheong, Oliver Busquet and Jason Somerville have hit some of that famous felt.

Matt Glantz is in fact is the ambassador of poker for the Parx poker Room, and actually busted out back on Day 1a, he rebought in however for Day 1b and enjoyed much better success for Day 1 b. He was eventually one of the 103 players that survived and will now be finally heading into Day 2. He ended the day with 140,100 which was enough to have him amongst the leaders after Day 1b.

Rettenmaiers Form Carries On

Marvin Rettenmaier, who was fresh from winning the last two WPT events back to back, was again in fantastic form, could he really manage to win three on the trot? His form eventually came to an abrupt end though as he was finally eliminated during the 7th level during this tournament, though there is still time for him to re-buy in.

It was Henry Lu though that was the player to beat by the end of the days play; he not only emerged as the days chip leader but the chip leader for the whole tournament. He ended up with a stack of $302,500 which was over 50k better than the chip leader’s stack from Day 1a.

Other players who managed to get through the day were Andy Philachak,Bernard Lee, Will Faila, Tony Dunst, Dan O’Brien and Matt Stout.

The competition is no shaping up nicely, and we will most definitely be here to let you know who al the movers and shakers are regarding this tournament over the next few days.

Here are the top 10 chip counts of the players that were competing on Day 1b:

1 Henry Lu 302,500

2 Andy Philachak 267,000

3 Jon Turner 222,200

4 David Eldridge 167,200

5 Matt Glantz 140,100

6 Tony Gregg 135,100

7 Bernard Lee 132,600

8 Jamie Kerstetter 126,000

9 Scott Blackman 116,000

10 Brent Roberts 104,500