The Heroes Of The PokerStars WCOOP

After a total of 22 days, a prize pool of $55,522,590 covering 65 tournaments the PokerStars World Championship Of Online Poker is finally over. There have been new millionaires created and new stars have been born.

If there were any doubts about this being the year’s best online poker tournament you simply just have to look at the final and biggest event the Main Event. The winner having been a low level poker grinder named “maratik” who used just 40 of his FPP to get into the tournament and ended up winning $1 million with some change on top.

What did he do to celebrate his win? A couple of hours after his sensational victory he splashed the cash by entering a $7 sit n go, which is double his usual stakes! He will be severely disappointed that he didn’t manage to cash out in that particular event.

Though his moneymaker moment is surely the biggest story of the WCOOP this year, there were plenty of other notable performances.

The biggest total cash winner was Mike “munchenHB” Telker who won a total of $1,013,440 after achieving 7 cashes in total with his biggest coming in the Main Event. A true mark of a good poker player is someone who is consistent, as anyone can get lucky and a good run of cards to win a single event much in the way “maratik” did, however true skill is marked by consistent performances which is why PokerStars run a Player Of The Tournament leaderboard. Each player is awarded points for each and every tournament they play in, here are the results.

The 2012 WCOOP leader board

1. mikal12345 – 395

2. Ti0373 – 345

3. George Danzer – 315

4. TryToExploit – 270

5. Steve ‘Illini213’ Barshak – 265

6. utvekklo2 – 260

7= djk123 – 255

7= Jon ‘PearlJammer’ Turner – 255

9= Eugene Katchalov – 250

9= Thor ‘osten’ Hansen – 250

9= Ami ‘UhhMee’ Barer – 250

There is no real surprise that the winner was “mikal12345” after winning two bracelets this year whilst also cashing in a phenomenal 13 other events. He wins a trophy a free ticket to the TCOOP Main Event as well as two packages to two other events, the EPT Grand Final as well as the PokerStars Carribean Adventure.

There wasn’t much in it though as the only other player to win two bracelets this year was “Ti0373”, he receives an almost identical award except it is minus the trophy and he does not win a ticket to the EPT Grand Final, other than he gets everything else.

Well, we now have to wait another year to see whatever sensational stories can come out of the biggest online poker series of the year, we already cannot wait.