High Stakes – “PostFlopAction” Takes Home $406k

It has been a real rollercoaster of a ride for “PostFlopAction” this week, in which he has been following up big wins with big losses and then clawing them back again. Well over the past few days he has yet again responded to some heavy losses by returning $406k back into his poker account.

He took this score whilst enjoying a number of sessions at the mixed games tables over on Full Tilt Poker; he played at three tables in total with his money mainly coming from the likes of “punting-peddler”, “Poker KaMI” and the unpredictable “DealMeInFast”.

The latter of those three actually went on to become two the biggest losers over this period, though the biggest was “good2cu”. The player behind that screen name is Andrew Robl, with the regular high stakes player losing even more recently to take his weekly losses to around $560k.

He lost a combined total of $345k, with most of that going to “PostFlopAction” over on the $1,500/$3,000 tables, whilst a portion was also lost to “Sauce1234” on the lower stakes $300/$600 tables. 2013 started well for Robl, yet it is starting to turn into a real struggle for him recently.

Other Winners!

“Erik1223” was one of the other winners on the virtual felt recently, with his profits coming in many of the same sessions that “PostFlopAction” was playing in. He took $216.6k from those tables, with his biggest victim being “DealMeInFast”.

“patpatpanda” also ended up securing profits of $91.8k, with this in spite of dropping $100k early on. He clawed all of that back and turned it into a healthy profit. “Sauce1234” also took down a respectable $84k, with high stakes Mr Consistency really starting to get into the swing of things in 2013.

The highest high stakes earner in 2012 started slowly this year and even dropped substantial amounts to Viktor Blom, yet in later confrontations between the pair he clawed all of that back and is now steadily doing what he does best, racking up the profits on the tables. It will be interesting to see if he can in fact get back to the top for 2013.

The Top Earners!

PostFlopAction – (+$405.9k)

Erik1223 – (+$216.6k)

patpatpanda – (+$91.8k)

Sauce1234 – (+$84k)

The action on the high stakes tables is really starting to pick up again after a bit of a quiet patch during the last week. We expect this action to pick up even more over the weekend, so if high stakes poker is your thing, be sure to keep checking with us for regular updates.