High Stakes Re-Cap For December – “Seb86” Tops The Lot

The final month of 2012 was played out at the high stakes tables during December, with that month in fact providing some of the biggest scores of the entire year. There was one player who actually managed to earn over a million, whilst there were a couple others who were not too far from that mark.

The biggest profit made was that of “Seb86” as he banked a very impressive $1.06 million during December, with most of his action happening on the 2-7 Triple Draw tables. Not too far behind him was both “davin77” with a profit of $972.2k and “SallyWoo” who banked a nice $945.7k. “davin77” won his amount whilst playing on his preferred Pot Limit Omaha tables whilst “SallyWoo” took his on the Fixed Limit Omaha Eight tables.

Week 1!

During the first week in December, it was “Isildur1”who emerged as the most profitable, after he banked an impressive $553.2k. His Full Tilt Poker colleague “Durrr” was at the other end of the scale as he dropped a massive $688k during the first week in December.

Week 2!

The second week brought us “fishosaurusREX” as the big winner, after he managed to notch up four scores during the week of $100k or more, with two of those actually being more than $200k. That brought him a massive total profit of $830k. “Durrr” was again the biggest loser, after he first lost a $200k challenge against “Isildur1” and then couldn’t get going throughout the rest of the week.

Week 3!

The action started to quiet down in the third week, with the biggest winner taking home $398.5k during the week, he was closely followed by “SchoitI” who banked $368.8k. The biggest losses this week were incurred by the previous week’s biggest winner; with “fishosaurusREX” dropping $546k of the $830k he had one the week before.

Week 4!

Week 4 saw a lot of heavy action, with some massive winners and some equally massive losers. “SallyWoo” started out the month by losing a large amount to Gus Hansen, only to recoup it all and more with profits of $800k right at the end of the month. “Seb86” also had another consistent month, with profits of more than $700k to bring him to the top of the monthly leader board.

Gus Hansen lost a massive $1.466 million during the last week to completely wipe out all of the good work he had put in during December.

The Months Biggest Drops!

Patpatpanda – $1.46 Million

Gus Hansen – $1.36 Million

December’s Biggest Profits!

Seb86 – (+$1.06m)

davin77 – (+$972.2k)

SallyWoo – (+$945.7k)

Schoitl – (+$800k)