High Stakes Weekly Roundup – “Davin77” Top Performer

There was the usual high stakes action throughout the week last week, with the $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables seeing most of the action, though there was a high amount of 2-7 Triple Draw action going on as well.

The usual suspects were all in action with “Isildur1” involved as per usual having first making a huge profit before then losing a lot of it again. Phil Ivey also made a return to the high stakes action with his new screen name “Polarizing” and made a few big wins during the week.

As the week progressed however, the action indeed started to slow down a little, with many players perhaps getting ready for Christmas. Despite that fact, it was still an entertaining week which at least saw a couple of players in “davin77” and “fishosaurusREX” ending with over $500k profit each.

The Start Of The Week!

“Isildur1” was the big winner at the start of last week with him taking down a massive $671k last Monday, he achieved most of this at the $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables and the Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables with scores of $200k and $159k respectively. He then took a chunk out of “fishosaurusREX” to a total of $159k though his opponent still went on to have a good day of his own with profits of $237k.

Tuesday saw Phil Ivey return to the Full Tilt Poker tables for the first time since its re-launch, with him now playing under a different name of “Polarizing”. It didn’t take long on his first day back as he recorded profits of $146k playing at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables.

Wednesday was all about “davin77” as he secured a good profit of $335k which actually took him right to the top of the weekly leader board as his score throughout the week had now eclipsed $549k. Another reason why he sat at the top was the fact that “Isildur1” lost $143k during the day.

On Thursday “Isildur1” dropped yet more money as he went back to his old hunting ground of the No Limit Holdem tables. He was playing $300/$600 stakes and started off well but then ended up losing a total of $153k.

The Weekend!

It was unusually quiet on the tables at both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker with just one player actually winning more than $10k in total. That player was “Seb86” who took down a combined total of $170k throughout the weekend.

The Highest Earners of Last Week!

davin77 – (+$543.4k)

fishosaurusREX – (+$512.9k)

G Sinishtaj – (+$314.4k)

PostFlopAction – (+$293.6k)

Isildur1 – (+$199.4k)