Hinkle Will Finally Get His $1million Back!

As with many other poker players whether pro or part time, Blair Hinkle will finally have his prayers answered and get his hands back on what he had won. The poker professional has been a lot over the past year, with first the news that his funds had been frozen due to the scandal surrounding the site, to then having to listen to rumors after rumors about maybe getting his money back…only for them to be untrue.

However, yesterday a deal was finally achieved between PokerStars and the DOJ, whereby PokerStars will acquire the assets of Full Tilt. Part of the agreement was that PokerStars will forfeit n amount of $547 million to the feds, with a large sum of this to be used to pay back around $150 million to US based former Full Tilt players. Additionally, PokerStars will carry out the duty of reimbursing Non- US based players all around the world which totals around $184 million.

As Hinkle is an American based player, he will have to go through the government to be able to get his money back.

How Did He Feel When He Found Out?

Though he has only just started the process of recouping his money, Tuesday certainly put paid to a long and stressful year. “I am just so emotional right now, I am in complete shock because this is such a huge relief for me” Hinkle said.

He even claims that being told he would be getting his money back is a bigger and much better feeling than ever winning any tournament. “This is so much better than any tournament win; in a game of poker I feel that I have control over my own destiny. However, with this situation I have felt powerless and have just been waiting and waiting, now that it is finally over the feeling is really great” he said.

Hinkle was woken on Tuesday morning by his brother, his brother as the one to tell him, and while Hinkle was still groggy and half –asleep he managed to offer his brother a high five. Though it still took a good few minutes for him to fully comprehend what he had just been told.

“ I didn’t really take in what he was saying when he first woke me up, I was still pretty much out of it, but there is no better way to be woken up I can assure you” Hinkle stated.

Hinkle is known to be one of the most promising young poker players around, though when his money was gone, he had to rely on investors to help bankroll his poker. Even his WSOP was on borrowed money, this has all added an extra stress to his game, almost having to win rather than hoping.

However, with all of his winnings on the way back, he can pay off his debts and continue to bankroll himself, whilst also purchasing a house that he wanted just prior to the whole scandal.