Horecki On The Benefits Of Mixed Games


In a new blog post over at PokerStarsBlog, PokerStars Team Pro Marcin Horecki talks about how he first started to play different poker variations to his usual Texas Hold’em and how it has come to benefit him since then.

He explains that it was when he first became a PokerStars Team Pro that he ventured into other variations simply because PokerStars themselves encouraged it from their sponsored pros.

My first big experience playing other variations came at the 2008 WCOOP. I would open a new tournament, then Google the rules of the game and try to learn how to play in the ten minutes before the tournament started. Of course I didn’t have any success at first, but it sparked my curiosity and I decided I wanted to learn more games.”

He feels that playing the same game all of the time can become boring for many players which is a good reason in itself to take a break from the norm on occasion. However, he also believes that the main reason why it is a good idea is because the average player’s skill level is far less than it is in Holdem.

Another reason to learn other games is to benefit from the overall lower skill level. The difference between me and the best mixed game players is really big, but the average stud or Omaha Hi/Lo player is actually playing at a much lower level than the average hold’em player.”

He is of course right as the whole world it seems plays Hold’em, so the average skill level is always going to be high. The lesser known games on the other hand could be worth looking into and learning as it would take far less to be better than the average.

Of course, once you know how to play many variations it opens up the door to play in some Mixed Games, to really test your abilities.

To read the full blog simply head over to PokerStarsBlog to take In the rest of his thoughts on playing mixed games and the success that he has had since he decided to do just that.