Hunichen outshines 546 players to win Super Tuesday

Money dollars

Two days after winning $213,000 in PokerStars Sunday Million, Peter “twirlpro” Turmezy made another attempt at winning a prestigious tournament hosted by the same poker company. He did what was expected from him and amassed enough chips to lead the pack after four and a half hours, but he was eliminated one hour later in the 71st place.

A total of 546 players bought in this week, which brought the prize pool to $546,000 and the winner was guaranteed a prize of $103,000. As the tournament approached the nine hour mark the final table was set and Joe “floes” Serock of Mexico was the chip leader with more than 600,000 chips in front of him. 200,000 chips behind came Chris “Big Huni” Hunichen from Costa Rica, while the third best placed contender was Canadian Carter “cswidler” Widler.

These three players together had 1.4 million chips, more than the other six players combined so they were expected to make three handed play. Australian “Nur1ck” and “Doug Dutra” from Brazil made the final table with the shortest stacks, but while the latter was the first eliminated, the former got the chance to play the heads-up. Chris “Big Huni” Hunichen did a fine job at consolidating his position and was behind three for elimination, including Joe “floes” Serock’s who finished fifth.

Carter “cswidler” Widler from Canada followed him to the rail less than an hour later and when three handed play began, it was obvious that Chris was the overwhelming favorite to win. At this point he had 2.2 million chips to his name, five times more than his opponents’ and he played overly aggressive poker. “Big Huni” shoved his chips with the weaker hand against Andre “gigibaston” Belus, but got lucky on the turn and set up a lopsided heads up with “Nur1ck”.

With 10 times more chips than his opponent, Chris forced several all-ins and he won the tournament with a hand that gave him the second chance to win. Once again, a lucky 10 spiked on the turn to end Nur1ck’s hopes of staging an impressive comeback and the Australian had to settle for the second place and $76.4k.

1.    Chris “Big Huni” Hunichen – $103,740
2.    Nur1ck – $76,440
3.    Andre Belus – $55,965
4.    Carter Widler – $42,588
5.    Joe “floes” Serock – $30.030
6.    CaLLitARUSH – $23,205
7.    zwuerbs – $17,745
8.    Jonathan Concepcion – $12,285
9.    Doug*Dutra – $9,063