Hwang Takes Down The WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open

On a busy weekend of poker events starting and finishing, we saw another completed earlier, with the World Poker Tour Borgata Winter Poker Open being won by Andy Hwang. He had been the chip leader throughout the last couple of days and made sure that wasn’t to change on during the very last session.

For his win, Hwang received the winner’s payout of $977,152, a free seat in the WPT Champions Cup and of course a major title to be added to his C.V.

The action at the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City got underway at 13.00pm ET yesterday, with the final table of six players being the only ones left from an original field of 1,042 players. Each of those final six had big aspirations of winning the event and earning themselves a world renowned poker title, however only one player could achieve that with Hwang being that very deserving person.

Seats And Chip Counts At Start Of Play!

Jeremy Druckman – (6,170,000)

Matthew Salsberg – (1,920,000)

Matt Haugen – (3,235,000)

James Anderson – (7,830,000)

Mike Gogliormella – (2,255,000)

Andy Hwang – (9,550,000)

The play at first was fairly tactical and slow, with each player looking for the best spots to make their moves. This meant that the first elimination took a little over an hour before it came, with Mathew Salsberg who was the day’s short stack, being the first to go.

He moved all-in before the flop whilst holding pocket sixes and was called by the As-9d of Anderson, the board though could barely have landed any better for Anderson as it read Jd-Js-9h-Qc-9s to see his opponent sent to the rail.

This sped the game up a little more and we only had to wait a matter of hands for the next player to go. Jeremy Druckman was that man after running his Ah-10h into the pocket kings of Anderson and seeing a board of Kc-8d-4d-5c-2d.

The player that finished in fourth place was Matt Haugen; after he messed with the one player he probably shouldn’t have and was crippled, with that player being Andy Hwang. Just three hands later Haugen was out after being finished off by Anderson and his Ks-Qs.

The event was now running along at a nice pace and just after the 100th hand of the session we saw Anderson get himself to heads up after taking out Gogliormella in third place. Gogliormella was all-in pre-flop whilst only holding the Kd-3c and was probably hoping to steal the blinds, however Anderson made the call with the As-Jd and saw his opponents hand not improve enough to stay in the competition.

Heads Up!

At this point the chip counts were very similar which would normally mean a long and drawn out session, however it only took around 20 hands for the winner to be established. The final hand saw all of the chips in the middle with Hwang holding the better hand, he had the As-6s whilst Anderson the 10h-8s.

Hwang hit a flush as the board fell as the Kh-Js-6c-5s-4s bringing him his first ever major tournament victory.

How It Finished!

Andy Hwang – $730,053

James Anderson – $438,698

Mike Gogliormella – $265,475

Matt Haugen – $222,336

Jeremy Druckman – $182,514

Matthew Salsberg – $147,671