“Ilari FIN” Up To Over $2.2 Million In Less Than A Weeκ

In a follow on report from the high stakes tables we did a little earlier, we mentioned that Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies had continued to play on past the cutoff point after having a slightly off day yesterday. Well, it was certainly a good decision to carry on as we can now inform you that he has in fact banked $777k since then at PokerStars high stakes tables.

He was playing at his preferred $200/$400 tables where he has now brought his total profit for five days worth of play up to $2.2 million. This means that within one week he has turned a yearly loss of $1.4 million at the tables into a $900k profit.

As we mentioned earlier, he had started yesterday morning in fine form after playing on through the night pas the cut-off for the previous day. He was up against Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond, and was up around $300k from that session.

Well he again returned after a break of a few hours and started off just where he finished by taking another 268k whilst up against the likes of “SkaiWalkurr”, “Zypherin”, “M.O.P”, “Bernard bb” and “tr1ck7”.

One interesting fact about one of the players at that table was that “Zypherin” seemed to attract a huge waiting list, which is probably because he is the year’s biggest loser to date with losses close to $3 million.

We also saw some very large pots in the early session, with the biggest being a pot of $230.2k. It involved “barcode” hitting the nut straight on the turn to overturn the flopped two pair of his opponent “Odd_Oddsen”.

“Odd_Oddsen” wasn’t to be completely outdone though as he won the second biggest pot of the day which was again against “barcode”. The amazing thing was that for an Omaha hand, it was a weak one, “Odd_Oddsen” won by virtue of a pair of aces; he took down $220.6k nevertheless.

Another Break For Sahamies!

After taking another break from the tables, Sahamies was soon back after about an hour, but this time he did not start off too well. In fact he lost around $300k in a relatively short period of time, however it was after than that he started to win, and once he did he just could not stop.

By the end of the session he had turned around that $300k deficit and in fact turned it into yet another profit of around $200k.

The Day’s Biggest Winners!

Ilari FIN – $777.5k

patpatman – $200.2k

SkaiWalkurrr – $124.4k

PauleAdler – $118.4k