Imminent Changes To Come To PokerStars Client

PokerStars has again announced changes to its client software, after just a few weeks getting rid of the “fast” tables on the site.

This time however, they have decided to make changes to a selection of different variables on the site. They plan to make alterations to the lobby filtering system, adding a few new chat emoticons and implementing a selection of fixes.

This update has already been implemented across all of the PokerStars.EE, PokerStars.ES and PokerStars.EU networks, whilst both the Mac and Windows Clients to be rolled out today or tomorrow. Some of the other regional sites like Belgium, France and Italy are expected to be upgraded by the end of this week.

Of the changes, the most notable are the ones to do with the lobby filtering, this has now been picked up and moved across to be directly above the table list. Additionally, when playing cash games, the toggle that allows enabling of the brand new table grouping feature has been permanently fixed directly alongside the filters.

In addition, the text searching feature for tournaments has now been swapped over to the main lobby.

It is not just the lobby that has had a few upgrades; the tables too have been subject to a few changes. In particular, the chat box is now emoticon friendly, which means that some of the most common smileys are now able to be transmitted freely in a graphical sense.

Smileys are common place amongst many of the world’s messengers and forums whilst also becoming a new addition to some of the worlds other large poker sites, with PokerStars now adding to that list. There will also be preset smiley to choose from if you do not know how to do them yourself, including one for a shark, another for a fish and donkey.

This is aimed at adding a little bit more fun to the games that will be played on, as chat has always been a large part of online poker. Whilst the chat may not always be at its cleanest due to players being competitive, there has always been a strong poker community that likes to get to know each other.

There are also a number of other small changes that have been made, these include changes to fonts, added customization for players who play on a Mac and a new filter to allow for the GBP currency.

Additionally PokerStars are planning a new four coloured deck which is to have a trial run on their test site in September, and if successful will be brought over to the main site.