Interesting Interviews in the WSOP (vids)

shower head

Sometimes it is nice to break away from the seriousness of the World Series of Poker and with the following videos where there a couple of interesting questions for a number of high profile poker players this gets really interesting.

The first of these questions PokerNews’ Sarah Grant, was “What would you ask your future self?” Whilst we have had the time to come up with our own such as “Who will win the next three World Cup Finals?”, “What are the next winning lottery numbers?” and “What is the next great big invention?” the poker professionals in question were put on the spot and really struggled to come up with any questions.

The next question was not quite as difficult to answer as we are sure that everyone would have a figure in their heads, though it does seem that some players value their hygiene far less than others.

How much would it take you to not shower for a year?

To us this answer would depend on whether taking a bath was also included, whether we could just wet wash or possibly run out in the back garden naked when it starts to rain.