Irish Poker Awards On Their Way – Patpatman Wins $168k

We had the British Poker Awards just last week with Sam Trickett managing to take down all three of the main awards and we can now look forward to the Irish Poker Awards which are to be held on the 21st of October.

They are to be hosted during the Boyle Poker International Poker Open and will include a total of 13 awards. The awards will include Best Tournament Player, Irish Poker Legend, Best Cash Player with each of the nominees to be selected by large committee of experts from within the poker industry.

It will be the secOn Their Wayond year these awards have been running with Owen Robinson being the player to pick up the Player Of The Year award in the very first year. Amongst the other winners was Pedraig Parkinson who won the best personality of the year and also the award for best blogger.

The organiser of the event Michael Caselli stated that after the great success of the British Poker Awards he cannot wait to follow it up with the Irish equivalent.

Patpatman Wins $168.7k On The High Stakes Tables!

Yesterday saw “patpatman” finally start to claim back some of the money he has lost during an awful year online, clocking up an impressive $168.7k in one day of action. He was playing at both the NLHE and PLO high stakes tables throughout the day on PokerStars and will be happy to finally make some profit.

Most of his wins came on the $100/$200 No Limit Hold’em tables where he was up against the likes of “Kanu7”, “altiFc”, Sussie Smith and “wilhasha”. “patpatman” actually took down the two biggest pots of the day when he won $75k with A-A against “altiFC” and his Q-Q, and $54k when he this time had K-K which managed to hold against the A-Q of “Kanu7”.

He wasn’t the only six figure winner during the day though as “Geza4308” banking a healthy $141k when he was on a table that included “LuckyGump”, “mikki696” and “BenyamineX”. His biggest pot of the day came when his over pair managed to hold up against “BenyamineX” and his nut flush draw, taking $48k from the pot.

“Chung Ho” was the final six figure winner yesterday after successfully adding $100k to his bank account after a long session against “GVODIKA55”. The pair battled it out all day and kept trading chips, yet “Chung Ho” eventually had just a little too much for his opponent on the day.

Yesterday’s Biggest Winners!

patpatman +$168.7k

Geza4308 +$141k

Chung ho +$100.2k

Maxmeister +$71.5k