“Isildur1” and “Gus Hansen” Clean up the Hold’em Tables

Gus Hansen

A huge day swung out in the open on the high stakes Full Tilt cash tables yesterday with six players pulling in 6 figure profits with “Isildur1” and “Gus Hansen” stealing the lion’s share of the spoils.

Hansen was on the 2-7 Triple Draw tables and he literally ripped “O Fortuna PLS” for over $600k after they thrashed out 913 hands in seven and a half hours. Hansen then moved over on to the FLO8 games, but it was a bad day of Omaha, as he lost $300k with $200k of that cash going to “KPR16” in a 3 way face-off that included “Isildur1”.

The FLO8 tables were game on for Viktor “Isildur1” Blom as he took over half a million in 24 hours’ worth of play, ripping “KPR16” of most of his hard earned cash he’d taken from Hansen. However, Blom was not having much success over on one of his most profitable games the 2-7 Triple Draw. He dropped $101k to “Kagome Kagome”, who incidentally finished the day as one of the biggest winners.

Sometime after mid-night, “KPR16”, “Isildur1” and Hansen were back on the Omaha Hi/Lo together and it was “KPR16” giving up the cash to the tune of $382k to Hansen and $377k to Blom.

Over on the $400/$800 6-max tables, the action was full steam ahead where the biggest pit of the day ensued. Three players went into the pot after “Rhje” min raised to $1600 with “MalACEsia” calling from the half blind and “Trueteller” defending from the blind. 4h-9s-Qd flops out and it was check-check-check to see the Jc on the turn spelling danger to the straight draw. “MalACEsia” leads out $4,000 and “Trueteller” re-raises to $13,600 seeing the end of “Rhje”. “MalACEsia” 4-bets to $46,800. “Trueteller” seized the opportunity and shoved all his chips, making his total bet $145,290 meaning “MalACEsia” had to commit all his chips. He shoved to $135,075 and both players show the K-10. The $274,950 was a split pot with both players holding straights on a rainbow board.

“Denoking” also pulled in a 6 figure win for the day, raking in $120,319 partly due to winning the second biggest pot of the day, but his win was the biggest win of the day in a single pot as the entire $241,165 went his way.

Yesterday’s Biggest Online Poker Profits

1st “Gus Hansen” – $302,655

2nd “Isildur1” – $252,525

3rd “MalACEsia” – $237,578

4th “Aku1206” – $150,416

5th “kagome kagome” – $127,064

Rui Cao was the 6th biggest loser of the day after he lost $111,012 on the tables, but he wasn’t in the spot “O Fortuna PLS” found himself in after dropping well over half a million over the course of the day.

Yesterdays Biggest Online Poker Losses

“O Fortuna PLS” (-$622,842)

“HelicopterBen82” (-$156,148)

“CaII_911” (-$145,631)

“GSinishtaj” (-$135,357)

“KPR16” (-$121,422)