“Isildur1” Drops Another $132k

Sometimes the biggest winner of the day spend up to 18 hours a day grinding at the high stakes tables on PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker, however the biggest profit maker yesterday spent no more than 33 minutes playing poker.

“OFortuna Pls” took down $131k within a little longer than half an hour and just 81 hands whilst playing at the extremely high stakes $1500/$3000 tables on Full Tilt. He was playing 2-7 Triple Draw and his opponent was none other than Viktor “Isildur1” Blom.

Apart from him there was only one other player that was playing on Full Tilt Poker who got into the high stakes top ten of profit. The player was Jens “Ingenious89” Kyllonen who took down $44k playing at the $50/$100 Pot Limit Omaha tables.

He actually scored the day’s biggest profit just yesterday too, though this time it was on the PokerStars high stakes tables as “jeans89” as he took home $98.8k. This was when he was up against the likes of “Barcode”, “eitan2134”, “Vaga Lion” and “Bernard-bb” on the $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables.

The Biggest Hands Of The Day!

His biggest hands of the day included a $69.5k pot against “barcode” in which his opponent was chasing the nut flush draw only to be disappointed.

It was not Kyllonen that topped the charts though with regards to the biggest hand, there were a few bigger than that. The biggest was actually between “Ilari Fin” and “barcode” when both players flopped a set apiece and ended up creating a pot of $160k of which “Ilari FIN” won.

The second biggest pot of the day again had “Ilari FIN” as the winner, this time for $80k as he flopped the nuts against…yes you guessed it “barcode” again.

Other Big Winners!

The guy who finished as the third highest profit maker for the day yesterday was “Trueteller” who managed to pocket $79.8k whilst plying his trade on the $300/$600 NLHE tables on Full Tilt. He was up against “Isildur1” yet had a little trick on how to beat him. “Trueteller” would not play deep with his opponent, and demanded that they both sit with $12k on each occasion.

If either of them ever got more than $25k he would leave to open another table with the same requirements, in effect nullifying Blom’s deep stack effectiveness.

All in all Blom lost around $132k at the tables yesterday and was now effectively only in $90k profit for the weekend…only!

The Day’s Biggest Winners!

O Fortuna PLS +$131.9k

Jeans89 +$100k

Trueteller +$79.8k

Ilari FIN +$78.6k