“Isildur1” Takes The Day’s Biggest Online Profit

Yesterday finally saw Viktor “Isildur1” Blom end the day with a profit at the PokerStars high stakes poker tables, with it certainly being a long time since that has happened. He managed to take down $209k in total after a few sessions on his favoured fixed limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables.


He did play a selection of tables yesterday, Pot Limit Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo and even some 2-7 Triple draw, though it was only later in the day where he made a significant profit. In that three hour session he managed to bank around $166k, with most of his winnings coming from “FakeLove888”. His opponent had a bad day at the office and lost around $130k in that session which actually meant he recorded a loss of $93k for the day. Other players in that session included “Theo J”, “GVOZDIKA55” and the struggling “patpatman”.

He started out at the $100/$200 tables early on before deciding to go to the nosebleed $200/$400 tables to play PLO; here he did actually get up over $400k before going back down to zero profit. That is Blom all over though; he either wins big or dies trying, with usually the latter happening of late.

In the end though he did managed to get back up to his final profit for the day before this time deciding enough was enough and leaving the table. If he can keep this up, leaving when in front, he may actually start to claw the millions he is down so far this year.

The Biggest Hands Of The Day!

He was not only the biggest winner of the day but also the winner of one of the biggest pots of the day too when he won $130k with A-A versus the K-K of “patpatman”. This was the only big pot he won though and in fact was the loser in three of the other biggest pots of the day, losing two pots of $189.4k and $141.4k respectively to Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond and then losing a pot of $137.1k to “Jeans89”.

Another big winner yesterday was No Limit Hold’em specialist “Sussie Smith” who managed to amass a profit of $127.3k playing on a couple of $100/$200 tables against opponents such as “Kanu7”, “ragen70” and “patpatman”.

The Day’s Biggest Loser!

This undesirable achievement went to “Kanu7” yesterday, which is a surprise as he is usually up with the winners. It just goes to show that everyone will have a bad run from time to time. He recorded losses of $185k, though is expected to bounce back in the coming days.

Yesterday’s Biggest Winners!

• “Isildur1” +$208.6k

• “Sussie Smith” +$127.3k

• “LewisFriend” +$91.9k

• “daquinman” +$83.8k