“Isildur1” Up More Than A Million In 2013

If there was one player that would have been dreaming of a good start to 2013, it would have been a certain Viktor Blom, considering the very up and down year he had in 2012, which saw him witness massive downward and upward swing of millions at a time.

2013 however could hardly have started any better for Blom as he banked a further $696.4k over the last couple of days to bring his total for the first four days of the year to an astonishing $1.144 million. This is because he had already managed to amass profits of $564.4k on the very first day of the year. The day after New Year saw him drop a little with losses of $117k over on the 2-7 Triple Draw tables against “mastrblastr”.

It didn’t take Blom long though to exact his revenge as the very next night the pair both met again on the 2-7 Triple Draw tables. Within less than four hours he had already stung his opponent for $392k, before his opponent finally walked away.

With “mastrblastr” put in his place, it left Blom looking for another victim. He eventually found “SallyWoo” over on one of the Omaha Hi/Lo tables and had a session with him for just under two hours and took $275k from him. He then went and had a 5 minute spell against “Seb86” for another quick $30k gain before heading to bed.

This has pushed Blom right to the top of the earners on Full Tilt since the site was re-launched, with his total sitting at $1.56 million.

Other Winners!

Nobody could come close to Blom, however there have been some other decent profits made in the last couple of days with “Bttech86” starting the year off well with a profit of $277.4k. He was playing at the $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables at Full Tilt against opponents “Poker_KaMI”, “ronnyr37617”, “howisitfeellike” and last year’s highest earner “Sauce123”. “ronnyr37617” also had a good few days, recording profits of $134.6k in that very same session.

We then had “PostflopAction” taking a $128.1k chunk out of “SetoKaiba1” on the 2-7 Triple Draw tables and “yahii” posting profits of $71.3k on the $50/$100 Pot Limit Omaha tables over at PokerStars.

The Largest Pot!

Due to players preferring CAP games, the biggest pot we have seen of late was the $67.5k that “HeadShotyoV” lost to “yahii” down to a simple smaller kicker. Another big pot between the two was a strange one as “HeadShotFoyV” seemingly attempts a $16k bluff on the river leaving himself just $700 in his stack, yet folds when “yahii” re-raises to take the pot of $48.5k.

The Highest Profits!

Isildur1 – (+$696.4k)

Bttech86 – (+$277.4k)

ronnyr37617 – (+$134.6k)

PostFlopAction – (+$128.1k)