ISPT – We Never Said There Was A Guarantee

Prosper Masquelier has stated that he is totally confident that the International Stadiums Poker Tour will attract thousands of players in its debut event at Wembley next year but has quickly moved to deny that there was ever a claim that the event will have a guaranteed prize pool.

When the event was first announced it appeared that it would be guaranteed to the tune of €30 million with the amount then dropping ten million before the entire word “guarantee” was removed from the website altogether.

Masquelier though vehemently denies this though stating “Have you actually seen the word guarantee on our website? It has never been there” he then added “we do not even think players will require a guarantee, they have come to an event like the WSOPE and have paid €10k and they are more than happy to play, so we will see”

He was pushed further on the guarantee issue and then claimed it wasn’t a guarantee as such, more like an estimation as to what the prize pool would be. He said “We never said that there would be a guarantee, we simply gave an estimation as to what we are hoping it will be” he then added “ After everything that happened at the PPT I highly doubt Mr. Tapie is going to feel so keen on giving a guarantee now”

He was talking about the Partouche Poker Tour main Event that was held last month that offered a guarantee which was not achieved when only 573 registered for the event. They denied there was ever a guarantee and initially refused to stump up the shortfall of 700k. This was despite plenty of evidence where they had advertised the event as a €5 million guaranteed one.

They did eventually pay up but then claimed it would be the last ever event for the PPT.

The ISPT Will Go On Despite Whatever Field Size There is!

Recent rumours have suggested that if there are no more than 15k players registered for the event it will not go ahead, however Masquelier has dismissed these and stated he would be disappointed to have a lower number than that but the event will still go on as planned.

He still thinks there will be 20k at the very least after revealing that 3k has already signed up with plenty of time to go until the start of the event next May.

This will they won’t they saga is set to continue right up until next year, though we think everybody is hoping the event will go as planned. Guarantee or no guarantee this event could be the biggest the world has ever seen.