Isuldur1 Takes Centre Stage Again in High Stakes Action


It may seem like another month, but the story remains the same in high stakes poker. Viktor Blom, otherwise known as “Isildur1,” is at it again, going through million dollar swings as if they were a bag of chips. While most players would not be able to tolerate the huge variance of Blom’s playing style, it proved to be successful in January, netting the Swedish pro profits of over $2 million.

In the first week of 2014, Blom continued a trend that started last year. Instead of playing strictly NLHE and PLO, he has branched out, exploring new games at the highest stakes available. His first week at the FLO8, 8-Game, and Deuce to Seven tables were like a hurricane. Against strong competitors like “SallyWoo” and “Bttech86,” Blom quickly found himself up and down, eventually ending up on the better side with a total net win of $168,000.

From there, “Isuldur1” would start to go on the slide, faring much worse against the top Deuce to Seven and FLO8 experts. Nearly two weeks into the month, his win had evaporated and been replaced with a loss of $640,000, second only to fellow Scandinavian Gus Hansen. However, the swings would reverse their tide in just a few days.

On January 14th, Blom entered into some epic sessions, both with “SallyWoo” and “PostFlopAction,” two of the biggest names in mixed game play. “PostFlopAction” was the first to feel Blom’s wrath, losing more than $1 million over the course of four days. “SallyWoo” also suffered at Blom’s hands, bleeding off some $411,000 during a prolonged FLO8 match that lasted six hours.

In true “Isildur1” fashion, the huge win would be erased the next day as he stepped up to battle “WCGRider,” considered to be one of the top online NLHE players on the planet. True to his reputation, “WCGRider” was able to take nearly $1 million off of Blom’s hands. With so much action, following Blom’s exploits can be difficult, but it is clear how the month ended.

After a major loss of half a million to Ike Haxton, Blom went on a complete tear, besting “Carlooo13”, “PostFlopAction”, and “IReadYrSoul” to the tune of nearly $2 million. The climax of Blom’s January came fittingly on the 31st when he went up against “WCGRider” for the second time in the month. This time around, the tables were turned and Blom won an amazing $500,000 in only 80 minutes of play.

Top January Winners

1 – “Isildur1” – $2,154,000

2 – “Bttech86” – $1,444,000

3 – “mikki696” – $581,500

4 – “luvtheWNBA” – $393,500