Ivey Scores More Than $500k At The High Stakes Tables

It seems that the 2-7 Triple Draw tables are the latest high stakes tables of choice lately, with most of the biggest action occurring on them. Phil “Polarizing” Ivey is certainly not one to miss out on the latest trends either, as he went about his business of trying to recoup the $1 million losses he has suffered lately.

Though he couldn’t quite get them all back, he did manage to bring back more than half over the past couple of days, with profits of $582.1k.

He did this whilst playing at the $150/$300 stakes tables up against the likes of “punting-peddler” and a certain “trex313”. That session alone brought him profits of just under $500k and he then had a short session at the same tables for another quick profit of $95k.

Whilst Ivey has been having a good few days, his good friend Tom “durrrr” Dwan has seen his form from the weekend drain, as he has dropped $693k throughout the same period.

Other Winners At The High Stakes Tables!

One of Ivey’s victims actually still ended the day a winner as “trex313” finished up with a profit of $180.5k. He was joined in the profit stakes by “patpatpanda” who notched up $124.6k and “sanlker” who secured profits of $111.4k.

Patrik “Finddagrind” Antonius also had a good day at the tables, moving a welcome $107.9k into his Full Tilt poker account after winning a heads up showdown with “PostFlopAction” on the $1500/$3000 Triple Draw tables.

The Largest Pots!

The biggest pots over this period of time both involved “durrrr” as he took home a large won and lost another. The one that he won saw him take home $178k when he hit trips and managed to manipulate “sanlker” into putting all of his chips into the middle.

He then went and lost a big one though, with his opponent being the same player. He had pocket kings and thought that he was ahead only to see that his opponent had hit trips on the turn to take home the 150.9k pot.

Dwan may have lost a large amount over the past couple of days, but it is important to remember that he pocketed $2 million over the weekend, whilst he is actually up again whilst we are speaking.

The Largest Profits!

Polarizing – (+$582.1k)

trex313 – (+$180.5k)

patpatpanda – (+$124.6k)

Sanlker – (+$111.4k)

Come back tomorrow to find out if both Ivey and Dwan can keep up their recent performances at the felt of the highest stakes poker to be found online.