Ivey Wins Prop Bet For Both Him And Negreanu

Win in gold letters

You may remember that little more than a month ago both Phil Ivey and PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu offered even money to anyone willing to bet a minimum of $5k up to a maximum of $1 million that one of them would win a World Series of Poker bracelet this year.


To many it would seem like a crazy bet considering these are two of the world’s best tournament players in history, yet poker players like to gamble and there have been years where both players have not won a bracelet.

We do not know much information on how much was at stake or on whom or how many people took the bet but we do now know that they lost. The following tweets from both players will tell the story of how they managed to turn a single victory into a payday for each of them.

Of course, whilst Ivey was celebrating the win, Negreanu was quick to remind those that lost the prop bet, that they now owe him and Ivey some money.