James Harcourt: New Winner of the Dusk Till Dawn Poker League Live Final

On July 1st, 377 poker players emerged for the Dusk Till Dawn Poker League Live Final. These were the same competitors who had been competing at over 40 venues for the past 12 weeks in an attempt to secure their spots in the national final. This field of 377 was graded using a points system at all of the 40 events prior to reaching the national final. At the onset of the Dusk Till Dawn Poker League Live Final, all 377 players in the field were treated to a filling and robust breakfast before hitting the tables to compete. The intense playing began right at 12 noon.

The event was welcomed with a wave of intense enthusiasm and excitement. The eliminations began rather quickly, with the first player being eliminated after only about 4 minutes of playing time. Each player knew the stakes, including a prize of £1,500 for 1st place and £25 for a 36th place finish.

Once the field of players had been narrowed down quite substantially, the last 8 players had their competition streamed live on the Dusk Till Dawn Website. As the final contestants reached the final table, their names and poker venues were announced. Other announcements included the winner of the best performing venue which was The Crown Inn. There were also two players, Jonathan Hicking and Terry Mitchell who were both from Cricketeres in Kimberley that made it to the final table. Each of the final eight players were already ensured a trophy for simply making it that far but there was no doubt that their anticipation was still holding out for winning that first place prize.

There were deals allowed in the event, but there had to be at least £300 leftover for the eventual winner. There were more deals made as the game continued, but there was nothing agreed upon until the final two contestants left were Terry Mitchell and James Harcourt. Harcourt had already locked up £1,085 as he had the chip lead and Mitchell had already secured £865. This left an additional £300 and of course the title of champion of the Dusk Till Dawn Poker League.

James Harcourt eventually opened the button as Mitchell showed with a Queen and five and Harcourt snap called with two aces. Even with a Queen on the flop, Aces won the hand and Harcourt was the decided champion. After the game, Harcourt discussed the win and admitted that he had only played five games previous to the tournament and had finished fourth overall in his local league. He stated that he planned on using the money to treat himself to a new iPad and would definitely be playing in the next event. While he said that he loved playing at the local level, he also admitted that he loved the atmosphere of the Dusk Till Dawn league and its equipment and was really enticed by the opportunity to win £1,500. The second league of the Dusk Till Dawn Poker League has already started and league 3 should be starting very soon as well.