Jared Tendler Talks Fear at the Tables

stressed poker player

Jared Tendler is one of the most successful poker coaches the world over with regards to the mental aspects of the game. He is known to have coached more than 300 players in his time and is an expert at helping players to handle things like tilt at the tables, low confidence and lack of motivation.

He also writes for PokerStars PokerSchoolOnline with one of his latest posts centring around players suffering with fear at the tables.

Tendler talks in depth about how fear comes about at the poker tables, the part that it can play in your decision making or when you attempt to move up in the stakes.

“The fear I’m talking about here, doesn’t mean that you have an actual  fear of playing poker, it’s more about fear around the game that need addressing such as in your decision making, before a session, or in moving up in stakes. “

He states that fear is the result of the unknowns in poker, the questions that you do not know the answer to. Not knowing what your opponent has, or knowing whether your hand is strong enough creates an uncertainty that can lead to fear.

The questions will always vary in size but can be linked to each other in many cases.

“These questions can be big or small. Indeed, the larger questions such as “will I ever become a pro?” can weigh on the smallest questions such as “should I be raising here?” In this scenario a “small” question suddenly becomes a breaking point for the larger question which subsequently increases the pressure on the situation and produces fear.”

He then works on what the symptoms of these fears are, what you can do to minimise these fears and even eliminate them completely from your game. Symptoms are usually when you go blank in the mind or are obsessing about mistakes that you may have made in other hands.

He finishes up by talking about the biggest fear that most players have and that is being a failure.

There are many specific types of fear that I talk about in my book, but Fear of failure is by far the most common issue a player can harbor. This fear may stem from a previous failure in another aspect of their life that hasn’t been properly resolved

We highly recommend reading about the more mental aspects of the game in his full article over at PokerSchoolOnline. It really does get you thinking in a more positive way when at the poker tables and shows you how you can control your fears in a much better way.

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