Jason Mercier Hits His Boat On The River (pics)

Jason Mercier

We all know how it is when we feel we have done enough to give ourselves a little reward or perhaps buying ourselves a Christmas present as a nice end to a good year. However, not many of us can reward ourselves with something as luxurious as a 35ft boat.

This is exactly what Jason Mercier has treated himself to and to make us feel all that more jealous, he states it is only the 3rd biggest purchase he has made in his life.

Well let’s face it, he deserves it after another good year at the felt and can certainly afford it, so who is anyone to say anything other than “enjoy it”. He did of course get a few tweets from followers who say that it was a bad investment and that it would be much better to just rent. This might be true and it might not, but we are sure if he gets tired of it he can always sell it on.



That is just another example of what you can get if you work hard at your poker and have the commitment to succeed. It’s fully deserved after another great poker year for a player that is held in high regard on the circuit. We are just wondering what Daniel Negreanu is going to be getting himself after the best year of his poker life.