Jason Mercier Looking To Seal The Player Of The Year

Jason Mercier who is one of the lucky few to have made the final table of the World Series Of Poker Main Event, has now come to Cannes to contest the Player Of The Year. He now admits it is going to be tough after his main rival for the trophy Antonio Esfandiari won the €1,000 NLHE event just a few days ago.

He says that he really wants to win the title yet admits he may have to wait until the WSOP Main Event final table later in October before he can do it. He already knows that he will have to finish at least fourth in that event as things stand right now.

One contentious issue regarding Esfandiari’s lead in the Player Of The Year is that the player’s victory in the WSOP Big One For One Drop has been counted towards the rankings. Many players including Mercier feel that it shouldn’t count as there were only 48 players that took part in the event.

Though he feels it shouldn’t count he says that he will not be bitter about it if Esfandiari wins the honour. He feels that despite that win he has won another and made another final table in the WSOP this year so would still be a worthwhile winner. Both players are also very good friends which, if anything, just add to the competition as to why he wants to win it.

Looking To Win The $8.5 Million WSOP Main Event!

Since he made that epic final table at the WSOP in the latter part of July, the media has been all over Mercier for the first time in his career. With the final table to be played in October that attention is getting greater by the day.

He admits that the attention has got to him as it is normally what happens to his friends, mainly because in the past he would play cash games online and be hidden behind a computer. He has now done many interviews regarding the final table, though he admits he is more concerned about getting his own game perfected.

He says he has been watching a lot of footage from the WSOP but has concentrated on watching his own game rather than that of his opponents. He feels he knows enough about his opponents on the table but feels there is aspects to his own game that need ironing out.

He will sit at that final table with just under 29 million chips which has him in third position overall, if he can manage to stay there or maybe even do better, he stands a real chance of becoming the WSOP Player Of The Year for 2012.