“Jeans89” and “Ilari FIN” The Big Winners At High Stakes Yesterday

Yesterday saw yet another busy day on the high stakes tables at PokerStars, with both “Jeans89” and “Ilari FIN” proving to be the big winners. “Jeans89” had been having difficult recently and actually dropped around $400k over the last few days, yet yesterday he managed to claw a good chunk of that back.

He was actually the only player over the past four days that was able to take a significant amount from the player on fire at the moment “Ilari FIN”; he took the Finish player on at the Pot Limit Omaha tables and actually walked away $232.2k up for the day.

Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies at one point actually looked like he might end up giving back that $1.5 million he had won at the $200/$400 tables over the past few days.

Sahamies actually started the day well, taking down $65k in a short session at the PLO tables, yet once the higher stakes $200/$400 tables started to fill up, he headed over there and ran into “Jeans89” who was having a good day.

He lost around $300k and it looked like it was going to be a long day, however he fought back well and by the end of the day was only down by around $15k. That wasn’t the end of the story for him either, he carried on after the midnight cut-off point and absolutely destroyed Phil Galfond who went on to lose $440k throughout the day. Sahamies actually went on to top the $2 million mark in profit in less than a week.

The Biggest Pots Of The Day:

With so much action going on at the PokerStars high stakes tables yesterday, it guaranteed some massive pots. The biggest of which was when Sahamies flopped a set and “Jeans89” flopped a straight, this meant a large pot of $210.1k.

Another of the big hands was when “MrSweets28” flopped a two pair but got caught out as “Ilari FIN” had flopped a set, this brought about a pot of $200k.

Other big winners yesterday included “wilhasha” who banked $146.1k and “patpatman” who also saw a rare profit as he took home $118k for the day. “The Liar” also had a good day at the felt after initially starting out slowly; he was actually over $100k down but ended the day just under a $100k up at $98.7k.

No one could match “Jeans89” and his official top profit of the day, though if it had been just a couple of hours longer, Sahamies would have had much more.

The Biggest Winners Of The Day!

Jeans89 – $232.1k

wilhasha – $146.1k

patpatman – $118k

The Liar – $98.7k