Johannes Strassmann Confirmed Dead

RIP on cross

In what is turning out to be an incredibly sad day for those involved in poker, regular tournament and online high stakes player Johannes Strassmann has been confirmed dead by Slovenian police.

Strassman was initially reported missing on Saturday the 21st of June by friends who he had traveled with to the Slovenian capital city of Ljubljana. He was with a group of local poker players that he had been coaching before going missing in the city.

Police had been searching for him for a whole week before they eventually found the body of a young man down by the Ljubljana River. Police had to undergo DNA analysis to determine whether the body was in fact that of Strassmann and yesterday they confirmed that to be the case.

The Slovenian police completed the DNA analysis before releasing the following statement:

“On June 22, 2014, Police directorate Ljubljana got the report about a missing person, a 29-year-old German citizen. The German citizen had been missing since 10 p.m. on June 21, 2014.

Gornji trg [street] in Ljubljana was the last location where the 29-year-old German citizen had been seen. The Slovenian police started to investigate immediately.

During the investigation, the police officers checked several different locations in Ljubljana (hospitals, hotels, abandoned buildings, Ljubljanica River…) with a help of a helicopter, police dogs, and police boat. At the same time, we promptly checked all the information gathered from our citizens.

A male body was discovered yesterday (Friday) morning in the Ljubljanica River.

National Forensic Laboratory has identified (by DNA test) the man who was found dead in the Ljubljanica River as a 29-year-old German citizen who had been missing.

The criminal police investigators excluded a violent criminal offence. The laboratory tests of bodily fluids are still ongoing.”

Strassmann was a popular figure throughout poker circles and would regularly travel the globe playing in the very best poker tournaments. The last time he was seen playing live was back in the European Poker Tour Monte Carlo Main Event where he managed to finish in 50th place.