“joiso” Finally Hits Some Form At The High Stakes Tables

It has been an extremely difficult past couple of months for “joiso” on the high stakes tables at PokerStars, with him struggling to repeat a profit of $240k during the summer months. In fairness, ever since Alexander “joiso” Krostritsyn decided to focus on Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo instead of his more successful Pot Limit Omaha discipline, he has found it difficult.

In fact he has lost around $750k at this variation in that time, that was at least until yesterday where he finally managed to turn a profit of $279k. Perhaps he can use this latest performance as a catapult onto greater success and greater profits.

Ok so for regular readers about the high stakes action, who do you think his major victim was? Yes, that man “Isildur1” again. He yet again managed to transform a good profit of a few hundred thousand into the complete opposite and ending up as the day’s biggest loser with $253k losses.

isildur1” started out on the Fixed limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables, built up a nice stack and decided to up the stakes by going to the $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables. That was to be a big mistake as he ran head first into a rampant “barcode”.

He did manage to again bring his stack back up and found a bit more of a rhythm, yet things again went against him as “joiso” started to run well and ended up taking around $200k off of him.

BRAZZMONKEY” was another player that had a good day yesterday; he was playing at his favoured 2-7 Triple Draw tables where he managed to take down $260k with most of his winnings coming from his opponent “capoch”.

In third place on the day’s biggest winners list was “barcode” who won another profit yesterday, this time worth $213k which was again at the expense of Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. Though he was the biggest loser of the day, “Isildur1” yet again won the biggest single pot of the day when his two pair held out against the flush draw of “barcode” which brought him $117k. Other than that pot, there were not too many more to report on that were close to that size yesterday as the high stakes action was not quite as busy as it has been of late.

The other two big losers of the day were “capoch” and the continually struggling “FakeLove888”. The latter has lost almost $500k this week alone which has brought his yearly losses to around $800k. With regards to yesterday he lost $112k whilst plying his trade on the Fixed limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables.

Yesterday’s Biggest Winners!

joiso +$279.1k


Barcode +$213k