Jose “Nacho” Barbero Happy To End A Difficult Year

Nacho Barbero

The majority of us will obviously be glad to see in the New Year but we will also look back on 2013 fondly and remember all the great times that we had, the goals that we achieved and the special occasions that we attended. However for one poker player in Jose “Nacho” Barbero, he will be glad to see the back of 2013 and particularly the last third of it.

In a blog post he wrote for PokerStarsBlog he goes on to explain just why the end of the year was so bad in terms of his poker. He starts out by explaining what his original plans were for the last part of the year, yet how badly those plans started out.

He said in his blog post “At the beginning of autumn, I had big plans. I was not only going to play a full load of WCOOP events, but I had a lot of European live tournaments on my schedule. I hoped to get a good start in the WCOOP, but I had an awful run, one of the worst in my life. I played 20-30 tournaments a day, every day for three weeks in a row and I didn’t make one final table until the very last day. I was running so cold, losing every all-in, it didn’t matter what I did. Between the high events, the Main Event, and the high roller, I dropped a pretty substantial amount in buy-ins.”

His bad run of form variance continued after that too after he headed for London to take part in both the UKIPT and EPT events. Despite running quite well early on in some of the events he always seemed to fall short of a decent enough sized cash to cover what he had lost previously in the WCOOP.

Despite the cards going against him he decided to still carry on and see if his fortunes would change in the World Series of Poker Europe. However, it was not to be as each event he entered he busted out without a cash leaving him seriously considering taking a break. He went on to say “At that point, I was in a pretty bad mental space. After so many terrible beats, my brain was totally scrambled. Sometimes when you run that bad, you aren’t even motivated to play anymore. So I went back to Argentina and told myself I would take a small break and focus on my other businesses for a while.”

You can read the full blog post at PokerStarsBlog, with it showing that not every poker player will be as happy as Daniel Negreanu about 2013 and that where there are winners there always has to be losers.