Katchalov And “ElkY” Bike To San Remo

Two of the biggest high rollers in poker yesterday decided to do their rolling on the road yesterday. No more cars, planes or choppers for the two as they both took a bicycle to San Remo from Cannes with the distance being around 120km.

This was all down to prop bets they took against each other, which was originally conjured up by Tony G. The player that earned the least amount of money at the World Championship of Online poker would have to be the player to make the bike ride. This player was in fact Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, yet Katchalov still decided to make the journey with his friend despite actually being the highest earner during the online event.

Katchalov had a very successful tournament making cashes on many occasions whilst “ElkY” never really seemed to get going and finished bottom of everyone taking part. He will be hoping that perhaps this bike ride to his next event may well up his game and perhaps take down an event there.

They both took to the road with a trainer named Lincoln Rodrigues and Katchalov’s wife Petra Janssen Van Doorn.

They actually got off to a good start and were making some good time along the route, even though at one point “ElkY” got lost. He said he was following all of the other riders and then they just seemed to disappear, so he started to follow all of the signs pointing to Italy, except it was a longer route to the country.

The whole journey took the players just over six hours in total which is not bad going in our book. Once their Katchalov was asked what he wants and expects from the tournament in San Remo, his reply was a short and sweet one when he answered “comfortable seats!”

The San Remo Main Event Day 1a was already played out yesterday, though the players have made it in time for the second flight of Day 1. Day 1b is actually underway as we speak with a higher than expected attendance.

This is mainly due to there being re-buys allowed for the players that were eliminated on Day 1a, they will be allowed to buy back in which will be added on top of the usual late arrives coming for Day 1b.

We will be bringing you what happens in the European Poker Tour San Remo as soon as the day is completed; we will let you know who finishes at the top of the leader board, and who are the unfortunate players to be eliminated on the first day.