“Kipu” Tops The High Stakes Profits!

“Kipu” has been the man of the moment over on the high stakes tables, with him recording profits totaling $352k over the past couple of days. Most of the action was yet again on the mixed game tables, which seem to be the flavor of the month for the players right now. However, “Kipu” wasn’t participating on those tables and actually got his profit on the 2-7 Triple Draw tables.

His main victim of the day was “PostFlopAction”, who had just recorded his very own profits of $400k. Those profits were about to be taken away from him though as “Kipu” relieved him $272k whilst he lost another couple of six figure amounts playing over on the mixed game tables.

“Kipu” then went on to take home another $80k whilst having a short session on the Pot Limit Omaha tables.

“PostFlopAction” may have just lost everything he had won throughout the past couple of days, yet he was not finished yet. He somehow turned it all around and clawed back the $400k by going on an excellent run. That meant that he was practically square for the day, he may not have turned a profit but at least he didn’t have a $400k loss.

One of the players that lost to “PostFlopAction” was “punting-peddler”, who had actually been u in profit at Full Tilt Poker yet managed to lose it all in one day. As well as losing to “PostFlopAction”, he also dropped money to “Erik1223” and the mysterious “patpatpanda”.

During that session “Erik1223” was looking set to be the biggest earner during this period as he at one point had profits of $400k, he ended up losing some though, in one final session that put his profit down to around 313.7k.

“patpatpanda” also recorded decent profits, sitting in third on the list with a total of $280.5k added to his account.

“Alexonmoon” was the only other player to record six figure profits recently, with him attaining most of his $132.3k from last year’s leading profit maker “Sauce1234”. He took around $102k from his opponent who then went on to lose a further $115k elsewhere. That put him on a $247.3k loss for the day, though he is still well in profit for the year.

The largest pot was a fairly small one for these tables, with “Kipu” winning the three way hand on the CAP tables against “davin77” and “Sauce1234”. He got lucky to make his set of kings on the river to take down the $48k.

The Biggest Profits!

kipu – (+$352.2k)

Erik1223 – (+$313.7k)

patpatpanda – (+$280.6k)

Alexonmoon – (+$132.3k)