Knowing When To Shove and Vanessa Selbst (vids)

Poker player folding

Tony Dunst as you know is not only a highly skilled poker player but he is also not too bad in front of the camera for the World Poker Tour either. He regularly does pieces critiquing plays and hands for the tour and he is usually spot on in each that he does.

We have taken two of his most recent critiques taken from the WPT YouTube channel in order to let you in on some of the finer strategies that are required to become a success at the tables.

Dunst at the WPT Grand Prix de Paris Discussing Knowing When To Shove

Being a short stack in any event is always a challenge yet some players seem able to cope with it far better than others. Tony Dunst explains in this video just why Mohsin Charania is one of those players that has complete control over his short stacks and knows just when the right time to pull the trigger is.

Dunst On Why Selbst Makes Final Tables At The WPT Season XII Borgata Open

You might have noticed that PokerStars Team Pro Vanessa Selbst is one of the most consistent poker players on the planet, yet as Tony Dunst points out, she is usually more renowned for her aggressive plays when holding big stacks rather than her smart lay downs when not. He takes you through a hand where she manages to find a fold where most would ship all of their chips.