“kondikurt” Wins PokerStars Super Tuesday

It is becoming the norm now that the attendance in the PokerStars Super Tuesday is greater than 500. The trend started late last year and has carried on almost every week to the point that last week had the highest attendance in the event of all time with 597.

Yesterday didn’t quite reach those heights again though it still had more than five hundred with a field of 525 players converging on PokerStars for the event.

That number brought a prize pool which easily beat the $300k guarantee as the true figure was a cool $525k. That would be shared amongst the top 62 finishers with the winner set to take home $99,750.00.

This week’s winner was “kondikurt” who reigned supreme despite coming to the final table as one of the shortest stacks. He eventually defeated “yazid105” to not only take home that huge score but also the bragging rights for winning the biggest midweek tournament found online.

How Team PokerStars Faired!

This week only saw four members of PokerStars Team Pro, probably due to the Aussie Millions and WPT Borgata taking place as we speak, however two of the players that took part actually had deep runs and secured a cash.

Mickey Petersen managed to finish in 56th for a payout of $2,310.00 whilst Max Lykov faired even better by ending up in 30th for a score of $2,887.50. Certainly not the biggest scores in their lives, yet not bad for a $1,050 buy-in.

The Final Table!

Yazid105 – 516,263

sosickPL – 99,674

holtekila – 313,997

dragonwarior – 56,437

roo_400 – 179,709

kondikurt – 188,847

flaszeczka – 632,018

DeanoSupremo – 344,134

1banditpanda – 294,011

By the time that huge field had been whittled right down to the final nine players, it was “flaszecka” who held the chip advantage with 632,018, though by only 100k from “yazid105”.

As things went along though, it was eventual winner “kondikurt” that made the better moves on the table. In fact he completely dominated the table, building his stack from 188,647 right up to 2,361,303 by the time he got to heads up against “yazid105”.

That gave him more than a 10-1 chip advantage during that session, which ultimately meant it didn’t take too long for him to see off his opponent. The final hand saw “Yazid105” push in with the pocket eights with “kondikurt” calling with the Ah-Qd.

The board fell as 3d-Qc-Tc-7s-7h and we had our newest PokerStars Super Tuesday winner.


How It Finished!

kondikurt – $99,750.00

Yazid105 – $73,500.00

holtekila – $53,812.50

DeanoSupremo – $40,950.00

flaszeczka – $28,875.00

1banditpanda – $22,312.50

roo_400 – $17,062.50

dragonwarior – $11,812.50

sosickPL – $8,715.00