Kyle Cartwright Takes Down The 2013 WSOP Circuit IP Biloxi

We had 6 players coming back to the final table on Day 3 of this World Series Of Poker Circuit Event, these players had been whittled down from 300 original entries and were all looking to finish as the title holder and the 1st place winnings.

However, come the end of play we had Kyle Cartwright not only winning his 5th ring but actually tying for the record with regards to how many rings he now has. He ties with Mark”Pegasus” Smith at being the only two men to hold five WSOP Circuit rings.

By winning this event he actually banked a very healthy $107,992 and a seat in the National Championship that occurs at the end of the WSOP circuit.

Here are the final standings of the WSOP Circuit IP Biloxi

Kyle Cartwright $107,992

Brad Johnson $66,744

John Dolan $48,429

Cory Wood $35,730

Jesus Carbrera $26,798

Dennis Pasentine $20,421

Peter Hatley $15,804

Peter Shashy $12,420

Patrick Eskandar $9,909

Once the final got underway it wasn’t too long before we had the first casualty, Dennis Pasentine bet out with 60,000 in the 7th level whilst the blinds were running at 12,000/24,000 with a 4,000 ante.

There was a call by John Dolan but Cartwright raised to 143,000 from the BB position, in which Pasentine followed that with a raise to 335,000. Dolan was smart to fold and Dolan moved all-in, Pasentine called showing JJ with Cartwright holding KK.

Pasentines hand didn’t improve and he was eliminated whilst Cartwright increased his already impressive chipstack.

Next to follow was Jesus Cabrera who lost out to Brad Johnson, who was quickly followed out by Cory Wood after losing with his A2 versus Cartwrights A8. This left us with the final three players, Cartwright, Johnson and Dolan.

However, the first of the three to depart was Dolan, in a hand where Cartwright opened up for 60,000, Dolan re-raised to 150,000 and Cartwright simply pushed all-in. Dolan made the call holding Ah,Js whilst Cartwright had pocket sixes. The board came out 2s,Jc,10c,6d,kd and gave Cartwright the win whilst Dolan headed o the rail.

We were now in heads up between Cartwright and Johnson with the former holding a massive lead; he had 5.375 million compared to Johnson’s 625,000. It took just three hands before all of Johnson’s chips were in the middle as he pushed with Kh,7h, Cartwright caught some cards again as he was holding pocket jacks.

The community cards read Ac,6c,3h,6h,4d which meant that Johnson didn’t improve his hand and he finished the tournament as runner up and took home a well deserved $66,744. Cartwright took the ring, the title and a sumptuous $107,992.