LAPT Panama – Fernandez Takes Title

The PokerStars Team Pro Leo Fernandez has avoided the WSOPE this week to take part in the LAPT Panama, which might just have been a very good decision as he has won the event. He managed to navigate his way past a fairly large field of 338 players to take down the first place prize of $171,930.

As the final table got underway both Fernandez and Patrick Mahoney were literally just a big blinds amount of difference in chip stacks. Between them they had amassed half of the entire chips in the event. This didn’t change throughout the play on the final table and it was in fact those two that contested the heads up session.

This event included a strong field of players and a very tough final table that included the likes of Sam Ravazi, Marco Antonio Pedroso Cheida, Johny Sandoval Chacon and Diego Sanchez. However, none of them could compete with the top two chip leaders in this event as they seemed to be in a class above the rest.

Heads Up!

This session lasted more than two hours as the two players swapped chips on regular occasions, with both of them managing to avoid being eliminated. However, in the end the event was one after Hernandez had actually found himself down at one third of the chips of his opponent.

He managed to double up though in a hand where he held a Ks-Qh and found himself behind Mahoney’s Ah-Qs. He was fortunate to hit two pair on the flop and his hand held up to see him get back to level terms with his opponent.

It wasn’t long before the chips were all in the middle again with Fernandez this time holding pocket tens and Mahoney displaying the Ah-Kc. Against Fernandez hand held up against the over cards of his opponent which gave him the hand, the title and that very healthy first place payout.

British player Sam Ravazi also managed to work his way through the field and get to that final table, yet he just missed out on completing the hat trick of PokerStars events after he had already won the UKIPT as well as the ANZPT titles this year. He still managed a good finish though as he fell in seventh place, which is never a bad thing.

The LAPT Final Standings:

1. Leo Fernandez (Argentina) $171,930


2. Patrick Mahoney (Mexico) $108,700


3: Marco Antonio Pedroso Cheida (Brazil) $73,900


4: Walid Raysuli Mubarak (Peru) $55,050


5. Johnny Sandoval Chacon (Costa Rica) $42,230


6. Issac Malca (Panama) $33,180


7. Samad Razavi (United Kingdom) $24,880


8. Diego Sanchez (Mexico) $18,850