Las Vegas – The Best Poker Rooms!

Just arrived in Las Vegas- wondering which poker rooms to head to? Here are our top 5!

The Bellagio

This poker room without a doubt has to be the most luxurious, comfortable, welcoming poker room, or in other words, the ‘cream of the crop’ when it comes to poker rooms. This is where you are likely to rub shoulders with some of the most professional players in Vegas.

Everything about this hotel and casino oozes luxury, opulence and richness. The games are not the lowest either from $4/8 limit up to $200/40 limit. You will also find that there is a big function room where the big games are hosted.

The Venetian

This is not a brand of luxury blinds, but a very well organized poker room which oozes magnificence and sophistication. You will enjoy playing poker here as you will mix with many different people and different levels of skill as the hall is adjacent to the main exit or entrance.

The Venetian holds daily tournaments, twice every day at 12 noon and 8pm except Saturday where 12 noon is the only tournament. The games held here are nearly all Texas hold ‘em games, although some Omaha Hold ‘em are held at the same time.

The Mirage

No it is not dehydration, or the sun playing tricks on you, this is one of the most prestigious, opulent poker establishments, albeit a bit smoky. There is one Poker room which is a non-smoking room, but the rest of the casino is a far mistier affair with no such restrictions with regards to smoking.

Texas Hold ‘em appears to be the chosen game of choice here at the Mirage casino, which hosts limit games ranging from $3/6 to $20/40 whereas no limit starts from $1/2. There is a poker tournament every day for the taking at 7PM for you to join in $230 buy-in.

Caesars Poker Room

‘Massive,’ ‘fun’ and ‘virtually non-smoking’ are three phrases to describe this establishment, featuring separate rooms for hosting poker tournaments and Automatic card shufflers at the tables.

There are three poker tournaments a day with a two prior to play registration time, and then you can tell the floor person that you want to play and they will find you a seat at a table.

The Rio All-Suite

This casino maybe better known for the fact that the World Series of Poker is hosted here in the convention Centre which is not what you would expect from a poker room. The Texas hold ‘em games are played over ten tables.


Now all you have to decide is which poker room is for you? Enjoy!