Lederer Files Motion To Dismiss Civil Complaint… Again

It has come to our attention that an attorney who represents Howard Lederer has filed a motion to have a civil complaint against his client dismissed. The motion is in response to the government including extra allegations against the former owner of Full Tilt Poker in a revised version of their case.

Lederer’s legal team decided that this motion to dismiss was a necessary action particularly due to the new allegations made against him. They had previously already filed a motion against all of the original allegations back in July.

Along with the additional allegations made by the Department Of Justice in September, they are also using the Travel Act to forfeit any proceeds from Lederer that were the result of unlawful activities.

They have compiled a list of assets owned by Lederer that are worth in excess of millions of dollars that they believe were paid for with funds from FTP. They believe that these assets have been traced sufficiently to show that they were purchased using money that was illegally obtained from former players at the site.

If these allegations are proven, Lederer could stand to lose millions, whilst it is also said that a number of his accounts have already been frozen by the DOJ since the license of the former site was revoked.

Lederer’s attorney Elliot Peter’s motion again echoes much of what was said in the first one, where they claim that the allegations are threadbare and have little to back them up with regards to actual facts.

Many feel that the first interview Howard Lederer gave since the site was shut down 18 months ago has further implicated him with regards to wrongdoing at the site. That coupled with more evidence being found that seems to confirm that Lederer did have an understanding of the trouble the company was in, despite previously claiming he didn’t has certainly given the DOJ something to think about.

This case is set to run and run, with Lederer being in the news on an almost daily basis. Just yesterday many players were putting together a petition to stop the former Full Tilt owner from playing at the Aria Casino, with them disgusted that he is allowed to carry on his poker playing whilst still in effect owing millions of dollars to players all across the world.

The anger for Lederer is obvious, with US based players still waiting for word on when they will be getting their money back from the DOJ. The “rest of the world” players have at least got theirs back when PokerStars who are the new owners of Full Tilt re-launched the site just last week.