Lederer Petition Now Moved Online

As we previously reported on earlier in the week, poker grinder Nick DiVella put together a petition to have Howard Lederer banned from playing poker at the Aria Casino. The petition apparently had the names of 50 regular players that attended the casino, with him planning to go back to get some more before presenting it to the casino management.

DiVella though, was stopped at the door at the Aria and advised that he wouldn’t be allowed to have players signing the petition inside the casino. This has prompted him to bring his petition online.

Though the petition has already gained over one hundred names, it has still attracted a little bit of a backlash from the poker community.

One such player is the new PokerStars Team Pro Isaac Haxton tweeted that he felt that while he thinks players have the right to make Lederer feel very unwelcome, that he hopes that the Aria do not crack under the pressure of the petition. He went on that though Lederer is obviously a big part of what happened at Full Tilt he still has not actually been convicted of anything.

On the other hand some players applauded DiVella for taking a stand, with Tony Dunst tweeting a pat on the back to DiVella whilst also claiming he cannot believe that Lederer even has the nerve to return to poker like he has.

The Aria has been trying to distance themselves from the whole issue, not wanting to comment on the story. However, DiVella has personally stated that if the casino does not act on the petition he will start to play at the Venetian instead, also saying that the players who have signed the petition will start to as well.

He also believes that there should be some form of governing body in poker for these sorts of issues, as Lederer is simply allowed to continue to play despite his role in millions of players across the world having their accounts frozen for more than a year and a half. All US based players still do not have their funds back whilst the rest of the world does.

Many of the players feel that Lederer is rubbing salt into their wounds, playing high stakes poker despite claiming to be cash poor and having many of his bank accounts frozen by the DOJ. Players feel that he should have at least wait until all players had got their money back from the DOJ. With that not looking like it will be happening anytime soon, this anger at him playing could escalate dramatically.