Lederer’s PokerCast

Howard Lederer has spoken out again after his first exclusive interview in nearly two years with Pokernews, this time he took part in a pokercast on the 2+2 where he has tried to explain his side of the story of what went on at Full Tilt directly after Black Friday.

When he was asked about the language used by Full Tilt regarding the state of players funds after Black Friday he yet again claimed he didn’t know about it. He said he doesn’t believe the words “safe and secure” were ever used but if they were then they were used without his prior knowledge.

However, as we know there is plenty of evidence of those words being used for the whole time after the domain had been seized, with this message “Full Tilt Poker has always maintained the highest levels of integrity and compliance with the law. Due to recent events Full Tilt Poker is unable to accept ‘Real Money’ play from customers located in the USA. However, please know that your funds are safe and secure we are working to resolve the distribution of these funds” on their website the whole time they were still accepting funds from overseas players.

This message was displayed until the 30th of June which was when they had their license revoked by the AGCC.

Howard Lederer has admitted previously that he knew from the 20th of April that Full Tilt Poker did not have enough money to cover all players’ money, yet he claims that all language after that date had been signed off as okay by the company’s lawyers.

However, there is more proof of this language. On the 28th of April “FTPDoug” placed an official statement on the 2+2 forums saying “While there is obviously some fallout from the situation in the US regarding non-US withdrawals (which are mostly down to delays), we will not have any problems paying out any currency whether Euro’s or any other even once we have processed all of the US withdrawals”

There is more too, on the 5th of May there was a further statement on the forums saying “Full Tilt Pokers international business operations are gradually returning to normal whilst we continue to focus on making sure of the safe and orderly repayment of US player deposits”

Then we finally had this on the 15th of May “Full Tilt Pokers worldwide business is full of health and though we have had a few challenges in the short term we are now operating as normal”

Lies, Lies, Lies

All of these were outright lies designed to ensure non-US players would be encouraged to keep playing and depositing on the site. They even offered a bonus to players on the 22nd of April called the “Added Bonus” which promised gifts that could be up to $500 for each player who continued to play and not withdraw. This free money never existed and was just a ploy to try and stop players withdrawing their money.

It is now up to the courts to decide whether all of this constitutes fraud, yet one thing that is certain is the fact that all players were lied to.