Lee Jones Reflects On Two Big Losses To Poker

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The Head of Communications at PokerStars, Lee Jones, has been involved in the game long enough to warrant the widely respected thoughts and opinions that he has on both the game and the players that partake within it. His latest blog at PokerStarsBlog sees him give his view on events last week that outshone even the ongoing WSOP regarding the poker world.

After a week that was full of highlights such as the many World Series of Poker events that have been taking place, there were not one but two sad losses to the game that brought a real sense of sadness to the community as a whole.

Regular high stakes player Johannes Strassmann first went missing in Slovenia before his body was found, then a few days later hugely popular player Chad Brown eventually lost his three year fight against cancer.

Lee Jones’ blog sees him explain that the poker community is so much poorer now that we have lost the stories of two players that were highly respected for not only their poker skills but also for their personality.

“We no longer have Johannes Strassmann and Chad Brown to tell us their stories, to describe their plans and dreams, or to share ours with them. The money that we would have won from or lost to them – it’s all the same. You might win my money, but once it’s in your pocket, you won’t know (or care) whether it came from me or Chad Brown. But I won’t be able to tell you about the games at the Commerce Club near L.A. or working as a professional actor. And Johannes, he obviously had great plans beyond the poker table – he was talking about Silicon Valley and start-ups and who knows what all else.

But now, the stories of their lives have an ending, and we as a community are poorer that Chad and Johannes are no longer here to share them.”

His blog just goes to show that poker is more than just that of the game but of the relationships that are forged through it, the stories that are created and told and the legacies that are left. These are two players that had many friends in the game that have had their lives cut far too short, so indeed the poker world as we know it is definitely a weaker one without them.

We have only summarised part of his excellent blog but to get the rest you will have to head on over there to read it.