Lex Veldhuis And His Canada Border Test

Canada map and flag

PokerStars Team Pro Lex Veldhuis has recently taken a little bit of a break from his live and online poker exploits  and if you were wondering just what he has been up to instead, a recent blog post that he has done for PokerStarsBlog is sure to fill you in.

He has in fact been on a road trip across the from Canada and into USA with a fellow Dutchman who is also one of his best friends. They drove from Toronto and took in the Niagara Falls before heading into the USA and visiting cities such as Detroit, Washington, Philadelphia before ending up in Atlantic City.

Throughout this road trip Veldhuis has a number of little stories to share with us including an exchange between the two and the border control when trying to enter the US from Canada. Of course it is to be expected that questions are going to be asked when driving into a new country but the exchange on this occasion was quite funny.

“What do you do for a living?” he asked me, and I told him how my friend was an event organizer and I was a poker player.

“Oh yeah?” he responded. “Are you better than Phil Ivey?”

We laughed, and I told him “No… no one is better than Phil Ivey.” He chuckled back and said “Now I know you’re legit.”

He then asked me if I was better than Tom Dwan, and again I said no, I didn’t think so. “I think that kid is crazy… I don’t think he knows what he’s doing,” he said, and I replied “Well, you know some people wonder that sometimes, but he’s pretty good.”

The rest of the blog talks about what he and his friend did at each stop on the road trip and ends with another great story of how both their debit cards had stopped working and they decided to hit the casino in an attempt to run their remaining $200 up.

They went from the slot machines to the roulette machines before running up enough of a roll to play a little cash poker. He talks about that particular cash game session in length and claims that none of the players at the table knew who he was and that it was a huge benefit for his poker playing.

It’s a long read and we have only covered a small amount of it here, so head over to PokerStarsBlog to get the full account of his adventurous road trip.