Living It Loving It leaps from Europe to Global Poker Events

Poker just continues its popularity and so do opportunities for poker players around the world as well as new business opportunities for those with money to invest and who have vision. An announcement has come that one of these opportunities has been taken on board by the Living It Loving It Company.

Those who are poker fans and players will be aware of this name. They have been popular and well-known in both the UK and the rest of Europe. European poker is alive and kicking and the firm seeks to expand into new areas and regions to take full advantage of the poker phenomenon.

Although Living It Loving It’s roots are deeply into managing poker events their role has stretched out and upwards to now being one of the top in the industry. They also now work in logistics and management consultancy with anything to do with poker. From their European starting point they have gone on to Las Vegas and this part of their enterprise is expected to progress in the coming year. The company has bought many new assets in the US and also in South America. These new enterprises have opened up many new doors for new possibilities for future poker events and tours. One current hope is that the year 2013 will see a new and exciting poker Tour in South America.

One other part of the Living It Loving It company group that has also been in the news and is on poker circuits radars is the Mind Sports (International) Ltd. Establishing this new part of the company’s expansion plans was forward thinking and well planned. Dave Brannan their Managing Director has commented on how Mind Games are really very popular nowadays. Social media and mobile game playing has expanded poker playing worldwide. This initiative jumps on the poker band wagon at a timely opportunity. Poker is one of these Mind Games that not only is a great entertainment, but money making and very challenging too. The intention is to build the biggest events that have been independently organised after the Prague Mind Sports Festival is underway in 2013.

Prague is the striking and amazing setting for this new event. Last year in 2011 the company ran some effective and fruitful poker festivals. The Prague event saw around 3000 poker players competing against the backdrop of one of Europe’s prettiest cities. Later this year the World Poker Tour, European Poker Tour as well as the much acclaimed Grand Series of Poker Live will run at the same time. Attendance records are predicted to be broken. This is where the Mind Sports will take its place amongst the greats of poker. This festival is believed to really create a stir in the poker world not just in European shores but internationally as well. A one of a kind tournament extravaganza is being planned to include a number of online games including scrabble, backgammon and of course poker.