“longerpig” Wins $124k Playing High Stakes At PokerStars

Yesterday saw a rather quiet day at the highest stakes tables at both PokerStars and Full Tilt with the highest earner of the day actually being “longerpig” who took down $124k. Whilst that is still a lot of money it is around half of what we see on an average day.

Most players opted to play at slightly lower than nosebleed stakes as they plied their trade on the $50/$100 tables. “longerpig” actually split his time across both sites as he played numerous smaller sessions rather than one long mammoth one.

Most of his winnings though actually came when playing against ”Kipu” later on in the day, he took $140k from that session to make up for some small losses earlier on.

Yesterday’s Biggest Pot!

The biggest pot of the day didn’t fall to “longerpig” though, with the biggest pot he was involved with coming in that late session when he won a pot of $59.5k against “Kipu” after he flopped a set and managed to avoid the straight draw of his opponent.

The biggest actually involved “Susie Smith” and “Sauce123”, with the former luckily avoiding his opponents flush draw to take the pot of $107k whilst holding only second pair. The next largest was in a hand between “patpatman” against “Kanu7” as the latter hit his full house on the turn to demolish the three of a kind aces of his opponent.

“patpatman” got beaten again by “Kanu7” in another big pot when his A-Q led all of the way until his opponent hit two pair on the river with A-2.

“longerpig” was the only player across both sites to break the $100k barrier yesterday though a few did come close. New PokerStars Team Pro Ike Haxton took down a score of $95.2k after battling against “KTPOKP” for a good few hours, whilst “Kanu7” wasn’t far behind with $94.5k for the day after giving “patpatman” a bit of a torrid time.

Over on Full Tilt we saw Tom “Durrrr” Dwan again hitting the virtual felt, with him winning $57k. That is hardly setting the world alight concerning highstakes action but he seems to be slowly recovering the losses of $240k he made on his very first return to the site as an ambassador.

“no_Ola” was the biggest winner at Full Tilt in the end, with a score of $94.4k after a very long session that saw more than 2,500 hands.

The Days Highest Earners:

longerpig – (+$124.3k)

Ike Haxton – (+$95.2k)

Kanu7 – (+$94.5k)

no_Ola – (+$94.4k)