The Longest Live Poker Tournament in History

Record Breaker

Damon Shulenberger was crowned as the winner of APT-RWM Iron Man Poker Challenge in Manila, Philippines, which is now theLongest Continuous Poker Tournament” and won $18,000 in the process.

The tournament ended after 48 hours and 55 min, with all those involved saying that the experience is one-of-a-kind but few would be willing to repeat it. The tournament had a special structure with slow rising blinds, to ensure the fact that the event won’t conclude too early and there were no lengthy breaks scheduled. 115 players bought in, willing to deprive themselves of sleep in exchange of breaking the standing record of 36 hours and 34 minutes.

It took 30 hours for the bubble to burst and soon after the final table began, a new record was set but none of the remaining players had any intention of giving up. With a healthy stack in front of him and drinking plenty of juice, Shulenberger geared up for the final push. Florencio Campomanes was the local favourite but he was eliminated in the 38th place, followed by Korean Lim Dae Hoon four hours later.

Three handed play took another three hours and finally Sandro Simon from Germany was sent to the rail, leaving Shulenberger and Kyoo to fight for first place. In the final hand, Damon started as favourite with A-4 and when an ace spiked on the flop, his opponent knew that only a miracle would save him.

Shulenberger won the APT-RWM Iron Man Poker Challenge first prize worth $18k. These ten players made the final table and collected a nice consolation prize as listed below:

  1. Damon Shulenberger (USA) – $18,240
  2. Choi Byung Kyoo (Korea) – $10,670
  3. Sandro Simon (Germany) – $7,390
  4. Lim Dae Hoon (Korea) – $5,390
  5. Florencio Campomanes (Philippines) – $4,460
  6. Howard Ang Lee (Philippines) – $3,680
  7. Gerry Flores (Philippines) – $3,030
  8. Kim Jinwi (Korea) – $2,530
  9. Norbert Koh (Singpore) – $2,180
  10. Martin Corpuz (Philippines) – $1,870