Ludovic Geilich wins the second largest Super Tuesday

Tuesday sign

The PokerStars Super Tuesday set the bar very high one week ago when 711 players bought in and this week, it came 11 players shy of crossing the threshold again. 689 players spent more than 10 hours competing for a prize pool of $689k, with 81 players making the money.

There were several poker professionals among these participants, but most of them were eliminated in the first couple of hours. Caio “Pessagno” Pessagno was the only Team Online member still standing when the bubble burst and he caused a significant blow to “Zimmy86”. His opponent proved to be resilient enough to survive the bubble and was the first player to be eliminated in the money.

Pessagno’s adventure at the PokerStars Super Tuesday continued for another hour, until he shoved his chips with A-6 against Griffin “Flush_Entity” Benger’s J-6. The poker professional was clearly ahead, but the turn and river were unforgiving and he had to settle for the 18th place and a consolation prize of $5,100. Meanwhile, Ludovic Geilich was flying high and he only relinquished his position as chip leader a couple of hands before the final table began.

This is the worst possible time for luck to run out, but much to his credit, Ludovic didn’t give up even when the odds seemed to be stacked against him. With very little to lose, he shifted into aggressive gear and in less than an hour caused the elimination of several players to reclaim the top spot.

The remaining four players decided not to let luck determine the outcome and based on the ICM numbers, chopped the pot. $6,000 was left and this was what they fought for, with Fitzpatrick and Turko_man being eliminated soon after the deal was made. Ludovic “ludovi333” Geilich and QcKimo played a rather short heads-up and the former emerged victorious, to claim a six-digit amount and all the glory.

This is how the final table looked like at the end of the PokerStars Super Tuesday:

1. Ludovic “ludovi333” Geilich – $101,325
2. QcKimo – $90,772
3. Turko_man – $83,350
4. Jeremy “00psiedaisy” Fitzpatrick – $70,429
5. Griffin “Flush_Entity” Benger – $36,792
6. fiscardddd – $29,282
7. Anton “antesvante” Wigg – $22,392
8. marcyOG (Germany) $15,502
9. John “bullyon” Buglion – $10,335