Luske Talks About Playing To Win

Enter to win on chalk board

PokerStars Team Pro Marcel Luske has been in the game almost as long as we can remember, so is definitely worth listening to whenever he has something to share about the game that we all commonly love.

He might not take in as many tournaments as he used to but you can tell that his passion for the game is as strong as ever.

Like many other top poker professionals, Luske was at the World Series of Poker recently, which is what his latest blog post at PokerStarsBlog is all about. He discusses his well-paced schedule of tournaments, why he avoided taking part in any of the cash games and what a lack of concentration can do when playing mixed game events.

“The World Series of Poker went fairly well for me. I played a well-paced schedule of tournaments, staying away from the cash games, and ended up cashing in three different events. My best finish was in the 10-game mixed event where I ended up 19th. I have certainly done better before at the WSOP, but it was still a fine summer overall and I enjoyed myself.”

He then goes on to talk about how the limit style of games require far more skill, attention and patience than that of Hold’em. He feels that Hold’em requires skill but there is a larger element of luck too, where any two cards can win in a pre-flop situation.

He finally goes on about the reason why he avoided cash games, citing that they can have an impact on how you do in the tournaments during the WSOP.

“It kind of relates back to my moderate approach at the WSOP to scheduling tournaments and avoiding the cash games. I want to be alert whenever I play, and if I’m well rested I have a much better chance of that happening. It’s hard to get up from cash games sometimes, especially if you’re winning at them. And if you know you’ll always go play them when you are in a tournament, that might encourage you to play recklessly and take chances because you know you can jump into the cash game if you bust.”

Luske always has something thoughtful and interesting to say, which is why you should go out and check out his full blog post on his time at this year’s World Series of Poker. We have summarized some of it here but you should take it all in to get the full value of what he says.